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Mineral Stone Stick Earring

Mineral Stone Stick Earring

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Mineral Stone Stick Earring look great, it also makes the perfect gift for someone. Size :5.5 *6.3 cm . Natural Stone is also known for promoting emotional calm and providing, strength, confidence, courage and happiness. Root Chakra which helps you feel grounded, stable and secure and helps us propel forward in life. Sacral Chakra which is responsible for passion, sexuality, intimacy, creativity and Joy. Will help to improve relationships with ourselves and others. Solar Plexus which increases your confidence and power. Heart Chakra which is the center for love, compassion and spirituality - Love Heals ALL Throat Chakra with communication and expression of creativity - feeling comfortable to express your feelings - Artistically Inspired. Third Eye Chakra with higher intuition, perception, awareness and consciousness. Crown Chakra with enlightenmen
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